Petals of young love on an upstream current

The last train at midnight leaves a group of stragglers stranded at the station, who opt for a bar rather than paying for a taxi home. Among them are twenty-two-year-olds Mugi and Kinu, whose curiosity for one another is fated to have a lasting and more intricate outcome than initially expected. Caught in the period of youth when many enter the gruelling Japanese workforce, the pair live under the pressure of maintaining an income without compromising their creative passions. Patient and bittersweet, this romance chronicles the fleeting lifespan of love, as Mugi and Kinu reckon with the hard realities of societal life imposing on their relationship and senses of self.

Screening Schedule:


Shangri-La Plaza:

2 February – 4:00PM

6 February – 4:00PM

8 February – 4:00PM


SM Seaside City Cebu

17 February – 7:00PM

23 February – 1:00PM

24 February – 4:00PM


SM City Baguio

26 February – 7:00PM

28 February – 4:00PM

2 March – 4:00PM

SM City Iloilo

24 February – 7:00PM

1 March – 1:00PM

2 March – 4:00PM


SM City Davao

27 February – 4:00PM

29 February – 1:00PM

1 March – 7:00PM


UPFI Film Center

24 February – 4:00PM