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A Special JFF 2023 Workshop on Traditional Japanese Sweets – Inspired by the JFF Film Every Day A Good Day

Facilitated by Wagashi Master Momoko Takai

Taiko Performance by Leonard Eto

with special guest Tusa Montes

17 February 2023
UPFI Film Center, Cine Adarna

Gates open 4:00PM
Performance 4:30PM
Film Screening 5:00PM


Leonard Eto is one of the most accomplished and innovative contemporary taiko players, whose vision and creativity have deeply influenced the way taiko is performed and viewed in the world today. The distinctive hallmarks of his playing are the fluidity and luminous, dance-like quality; the coexistence of power and effortlessness, and the immense joy expressed in his music and performance. In 1984, Leonard joined the Japanese taiko drum group Kodo and soon became the principal player, organizer, musical director and composer. In 1992, Leonard left Kodo to pursue a solo career. His quest gradually evolved from collaborative activities, travelling to perform in over 55 countries. He continues to challenge his own technical and expressive skills, and has developed the freedom and spontaneity to communicate with any musical style.

with Special Screening of JFF 2023 Film INU-OH

Part of TAIKO BEAT Leonard Eto Philippine Tour 2023

Nerikiri 練り切り Workshop

(decorative rice cake with white bean)

21 January 2023 | 11:00AM and 3:00PM

Shangri-la Plaza Grand Atrium

Famous for its artistic presentation, Nerikiri is a type of Japanese wagashi made by kneading and mixing sweetened white bean jam, yam, and glutinous rice flour. Nerikiri visually reflects seasonal features and is tinted with different colors and molded into various shapes according to the season. It might include sceneries, flowers, animals, and more.

Seats will be provided for non-participating viewers.

Click Here to register for the 11:00AM Workshop (CLOSED Maximum 10 participants reached)

Click Here to register for the 3:00PM Workshop (CLOSED Maximum 16 participants reached)

Daifuku 大福 Workshop

(rice cake with sweet filling)

22 January 2023 | 11:30 AM

Streaming on JFM Instagram Live

Enjoyed by many Japanese during tea time, daifuku are made of soft rice cake (mochi) wrapped around a small round of smooth, sweet bean paste or other fillings like fruit. They are covered with a light dusting of potato starch to keep them from sticking together. Daifuku also means “great luck”

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