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Let’s Talk About JFF Films!

It’s the Japanese Film Festival this month! So Let’s Talk About JFF Films! Two interesting webinars were prepared to walk you through the wonders of Japanese cinema!

Webinar 1: Your Guide to Japanese Films

Interested to learn more about Japanese cinema in the Philippines and around the world? Curious about the uniqueness of styles and techniques used in Japanese films? How did a Filipino film shot in Japan become the highest-grossing Filipino independent film in 2017?

Register now for free to know more about Japanese films! Our experts in Japanese cinema will guide you in an engaging discussion about Japan and moving images! Click here to register.

“Your Guide to Japanese Films”


Mr. Tito Valiente

  • Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino (Critics of Filipino Films)


Prof. Daisuke Miyao

  • Professor and Hajime Mori Chair in Japanese Language and Literature at the University of California, San Diego

Prof. Nick Deocampo

  • Filmmaker, film historian and Professor at the U.P. Film Institute in the University of the Philippines – Diliman

Ms. Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

  • Award-winning filmmaker and director of the highest-grossing Filipino independent film in 2017, “Kita Kita” shot in Hokkaido, Japan

Webinar 2: Inside the World of JFF 2022 Films

Witness five young Filipino film critics as they dive into the world of JFF 2022 films! Join us as they unravel the magic of this year’s JFF! Be one with the growing number of young film critics in the Philippines as they continue to push the boundaries of film literacy and world cinema!

Join us with your reviews, analyses, and experiences of watching JFF Online 2022! Register here and let’s enjoy Japanese films together!

“Inside the World of JFF 2022 Films”


Mr. Richard Bolisay

  • Academe Representative, National Committee on Cinema


Mr. Skilty Labastilla

  • Society of Filipino Film Reviewers

Ms. Princess Kinoc

  • Film Police Reviews

Mr. Janus Nolasco

  • Young Critics Circle

Ms. Stephanie Mayo

  • Daily Tribune