In the climactic conclusion of “Voltes V,” the Voltes Team faces Prince Zardoz and his devastating weapon in a desperate gambit to overcome the overwhelming threat, putting their skills and the Volt Machines to the ultimate test. The showdown unfolds as they embark on a perilous mission. Emotions running high, the team combines the Volt Machines to form the Ultra Magnetic Voltes V robot to deliver a decisive blow against the Boazanian forces and Emperor Zambojil’s ambition of inter-galactic conquest.

Screening Schedule:

Tcards - Voltes V The Liberation V3

Shangri-La Plaza

11 February – 8:10PM


SM Seaside City Cebu

25 February – 7:00PM


SM City Baguio

3 March – 7:00PM

SM City Iloilo

3 March – 7:00PM


SM City Davao

3 March – 7:00PM


UPFI Film Center

2 March – 7:00PM