Cats and dogs, deserts and trees: will these kingdoms ever get along?

Glistening with gold and water beneath the same sun, Alhamit and Baikari are two warring kingdoms that have come to a diplomatic agreement: Alhamit will gift their most beautiful woman and Baikari their cleverest man, to wed the nations into peace. But apparently they are too stubborn to even honour such a simple deal, and trouble sparks when a dog and cat arrive in place of the promised bride and groom! In a strange twist of fate however, Princess Sarah of Alhamit and Naranbayar of Baikari meet in the forest by chance, without realising who the other is…

Screening Schedule:


Shangri-La Plaza

2 February – 1:00PM

4 February – 12:30PM

10 February – 2:40PM

SM Seaside City Cebu

18 February – 11:00AM

19 February – 4:00PM

SM City Baguio

25 February – 11:00AM

28 February – 1:00PM

2 March – 11:00AM

SM City Iloilo

25 February – 11:00AM

26 February – 4:00PM

SM City Davao

25 February – 11:00AM

26 February – 1:00PM

2 March – 11:00AM


UPFI Film Center

23 February – 4:00PM

29 February – 1:00PM