One-sided love has never felt so good!

KISARAGI Maaya is in her second year of high school, and has just been completely rejected by her crush. Heartbroken and mortified, she vows out loud to “never confess to someone ever again”… only to realise later that her high school’s heartthrob CHIGIRA Sui is within earshot! Upon hearing Maaya’s weeping, CHIGIRA proposes a strange solution to heal her heartbreak – that she pretends to have a crush on him instead. When CHIGIRA starts treating Maaya sweetly, it isn’t hard for her to keep up pretences in this strictly one-sided love game… but as the pair grow closer, Maaya’s feelings for CHIGIRA become undeniable. What will become of their “pretend crush”now?

Screening Schedule:


Shangri-La Plaza

3 February – 2:10PM

5 February – 4:00PM

8 February – 1:00PM


SM Seaside City Cebu

17 February – 1:00PM

23 February – 4:00PM

24 February – 1:00PM


SM City Baguio

25 February – 7:00PM

29 February – 1:00PM

1 March – 4:00PM

SM City Iloilo

24 February – 1:30PM

1 March – 4:00PM

2 March – 1:30PM


SM City Davao

25 February – 4:00PM

28 February – 4:00PM

1 March – 4:00PM


UPFI Film Center

28 February – 7:00PM