Does the truth really set you free?

Over four blissful years, Rie and her son shared a loving new life with her second husband, Daisuke. His sudden accidental death brings not only grief, but an unnerving discovery for the widow: the man she thought she knew was posing under someone else’s identity. In a startling dual narrative, the mystery around Mr. X unfolds beneath the hands of KIDO, the attorney handling the case. Prefaced by René Magritte’s surrealist painting Not to be Reproduced, this thought-provoking film is a vital addition to a growing genre of Japanese cinema that interrogates fragile morals permeating contemporary society.

Screening Schedule:


Shangri-La Plaza

9 February – 7:00PM

11 February – 5:30PM


SM Seaside City Cebu

17 February – 4:00PM

20 February – 4:00PM

22 February – 7:00PM


SM City Baguio

27 February – 7:00PM

1 March – 7:00PM

SM City Iloilo

24 February – 4:00PM

27 February – 4:00PM

29 February – 7:00PM


SM City Davao

26 February – 7:00PM

2 March – 4:00PM


UPFI Film Center

24 February – 1:00PM

1 March – 4:00PM