Until the Break of Dawn


“If you could meet the dead one more time, who would you choose? A spiritual and moving humanistic drama.”

High-schooler Ayumi was orphaned and lives with his grandmother. His grandmother has inherited an ability called “Tsunagu,” which allows her to summon the dead and reunite them with the living for one time only. Ayumi helps his grandmother as an apprentice, and interacts with visitors who wish to be reunited with the dead. One day, he receives a request from a girl in his class who is devastated by the loss of her best friend to a rather unique situation.

A spiritual and humanistic drama that depicts the inner conflicts of those who, for various reasons, seek contact with the dead. Unexpected truths are revealed one after another, and a surprising turn of events awaits at the end of the film. The lead actor, Tori Matsuzaki, is one of the most acclaimed young actors working today in Japan, and Kiki Kirin, who plays the grandmother, was a famous actor who appeared in numerous films by prominent directors before passing away in 2018.



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A heartwarming fantasy adapted from the eponymous novel by Naoki Prize-winning author Tsujimura Mizuki.