The Floating Castle


“Despite the absolute disadvantage of a troop of 500 against 20,000, a commander still decides to go to war. A war spectacle set during Japan’s civil war period.”

Approximately 400 years ago in Japan, after continued battles amongst the samurai class, the overwhelmingly powerful Hideyoshi Toyotomi is on the verge of unifying the country. He orders his men to attack a small castle, the last remaining resistance. Surrender is debated in the castle but the young lord, who always seems to be in a daze, chooses to fight. Is the lord of the castle a reckless fool or a genius?

A riveting historical spectacle about those who stand up for their dignity as samurai, armed with their wisdom, courage and love for their people. The lead actor Mansai Nomura, who captivates with his comical performance, is originally a performer of Noh, a traditional Japanese theater genre. His specialized skills in movement and dance are put to great effect in performing the role of the eccentric lord of the castle. A huge hit upon its release in Japan, the intensity of the fight scenes and the battle of the wits became the talk of the town.


  • NOMURA Mansai
  • EIKURA Nana

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A live-action adaptation of an original script by Wada Ryo, whose novelization also went on to become a hit. Shot on a massive set, it presents an epic portrayal of Sengoku (Warring States) Period warlord Narita Nagachika, who fought back against a 20,000-strong enemy force with an army of 500 in the late 16th century.