The Chef of South Polar


“A classic Japanese comedy film that follows the bittersweet and charmed daily lives of a group of men living in the Antarctic, where their only joy is to eat.”

In minus 54℃ weather, where the environment is too harsh for even penguins to be living, eight men are co-living at an observation base in the Antartic. They must all spend over a year at the base, far away from their families. Their greatest pleasure is the three meals they eat together. Nishimura, who is in charge of the cooking, fills his teammates’ stomachs and hearts with all kinds of dishes, including Japanese, French, and Chinese cuisine. However, for the young members, long-distance relationships are difficult and the married members are worried about their families getting fed up with them. Everybody’s yearning feelings for Japan only keeps mounting.

A classic entry in the history of Japanese comedies, the film, with a mix of pathos and humor, depicts the daily lives of a group of unique men living in the polar region. An adaptation of a story based on the real-life experiences of a cook in the Antarctic. The joy that exudes from the men wholeheartedly enjoying their meals expresses a fundamental aspect of human existence.


  • SAKAI Masato

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A heart-warming comedy, based on the poignant essays of Nishimura Jun, who in real life served as a Japan Coast Guard cook for an Antarctic scientific observation team.