Rating: PG

Admission Fee: P100 per screening

A junior high school student is suspected of shoplifting and flees the store, but she gets hit by a car and dies. Her short-tempered father is outraged and terrorizes the school and grocery store manager. Soon everyone involved in the accident is pushed to the edge… 

The film captivates viewers with surprising plot developments and intricate portrayals of the behavior and psychology of people caught in extreme situations. This unusual drama deals with questions of absolution and spiritual restitution. Popular stage actor Furuta Arata and leading young actor Matsuzaka Tori deliver credible performances.

Screening Schedule:


Shangri-La Plaza:

23 January 1:00PM

25 January 4:00PM

27 January 9:00PM

SM City Baguio:

28 January 3:00PM

30 January 9:00PM

SM Seaside Cebu:

27 January 3:00PM

30 January 3:00PM

SM City Davao:

29 January 6:00PM

31 January 9:00PM

Cinematheque Manila:

28 January 4:00PM

Cinematheque Davao:

28 January 6:30PM

UP Cine Adarna

20 February 1:00PM

22 February 4:00PM