Rating: R13

Admission Fee: P100 per screening

Nine years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, grisly murders occur in the urban area of Miyagi Prefecture, where victims are tied up and left to starve. The victims all had reputations for being good men, men of integrity. Seiichiro Tomashino (Abe Hiroshi), from the First Investigation Division of Miyagi Prefectural Police, uncovers common ground between the two murders. Meanwhile, Yasuhisa Tone (Satoh Takeru), surfaces as a suspect in the investigation. Tone, who had been serving time for committing arson and assault while trying to help out a friend, was a model prisoner who had just been released. While police are unable to find conclusive evidence to implicate him, a third murder occurs.

Screening Schedule:

IN THE WAKE_Poster (Japanese ver)

Shangri-La Plaza:

22 January 1:00PM

24 January 9:00PM

26 January 1:00PM

27 January 1:00PM

30 January 1:00PM


SM City Baguio:

28 January 12:00PM

30 January 6:00PM

SM Seaside Cebu:

29 January 9:00PM

SM City Davao:

27 January 1:00PM

30 January 12:00PM