Her Love Boils Bathwater


“A tear-inducing humanistic drama about the bonds between a strong-willed and deeply-loving mother and her family.”

After the disappearance of her husband, Futaba takes a break from the family business of running a public bathhouse to work part-time and raise her daughter, Azumi. With her characteristic strength and cheerfulness, Futaba cheers on Azumi, who is having problems at school. However, Futaba is diagnosed with an illness with only a short time left to live. In the time that she has left, Futaba decides on what she must do and begins to make it happen. That is, to get rid of all of the secrets in her family.

A deeply moving story about Futaba’s fair and passionate love towards everyone around her and her bond with her children and others who are close to her. The daughter’s earnestness to inherit her mother’s strength overflows from the story. The unexpected ending of the film inspires a zest for life. Rie Miyazawa, one of Japan’s star actor, gives a wonderful performance as the powerful Futaba, and Hana Sugisaki as Azumi gives a true-to-life performance that makes holding back tears a difficult task.



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  • 2016 Tokyo International Film Festival, Japan Now
  • 2016 Busan International Film Festival, A Window on Asian Cinema
  • 2016 Montreal World Film Festival, Focus on World Cinema