Happy Flight


“Emergency on a flight from Tokyo to Honolulu! An ensemble film depicting on-the-ground staff, cabin attendants and pilots in action.”

An international flight from Tokyo to Honolulu, Hawaii. A new pilot boards as an assistant to a more experienced senior pilot, and a new cabin attendant joins the team of a purser who has a reputation for being strict. The ground staff are struggling with bookings, the staff in the control tower are on alert about the weather and birds, and the mechanics are pouring their hearts and souls into accomplishing speed and precision in their work. With the combined efforts of all the workers, the flight finally takes off but they are soon faced with trouble.

Through episodes related to the work involved in operating large commercial passenger flights, the film spins an entertaining tale that shows the growth of new staff members with both humor and suspense. The film exudes a sense of realism through the meticulous research that went into learning about the work of in-flight and on-the-ground flight staff and how they problem-solve. An ensemble of top actors in Japan including Haruka Ayase, one of Japan’s most popular female actors, raises the film to higher planes.


  • TANABE Seiichi

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A hit maker Yaguchi Shinobu of Waterboys and Swing Girls (both presented in Hungary) unfolds his favorite entertaining group drama in this latest movie, featuring people with various occupations relating to the operating of airplanes.