Bread of Happiness


“A cafe in the middle of the great outdoors serves delicious bread and coffee to people with pain in their hearts. A humanistic drama that is sure to warm one’s heart.”

Located in the northernmost part of Japan, is Hokkaido. A young couple has opened a new cafe in a place blessed with beautiful nature. The husband bakes bread, the wife brews coffee and prepares seasonal meals. The people who visit are all carrying emotional burdens—such as, a heartbroken young woman, a girl upset over her parents’ divorce and an elderly couple with their own problems. The couple warmly welcomes these people and quietly reaches out to them.

This humanistic drama brimming with kindness is set in the backdrop of the beautiful and harsh four seasons of Hokkaido. The film is adorned with a variety of breads and dishes made with seasonal ingredients that heal the hearts of the wounded souls. Performing the warm-hearted couple are Yo Oizumi, a popular star skilled at playing both comedic and serious roles, and Tomoyo Harada, who has been popular since her debut in the 1980s with her unchanging charm.


  • HARADA Tomoyo