Rating: PG

Admission Fee: P100 per screening

Urita has a profound love of boxing but lacks talent. Kazuki is his underling who has a shot at the title match, and Chika is Urita’s childhood friend who dates Kazuki. Their emotions remain hidden away as the big fight approaches…

This drama uses the unforgiving sport of boxing to cast a kind gaze on human life that has no clear winner. Yoshida Keisuke’s splendid direction exudes emotions that are kept hidden, and audiences will undoubtedly be profoundly moved by Urita’s emotional state as portrayed by the famed young actor Matsuyama Kenichi.

Screening Schedule:


Shangri-La Plaza:

22 January 4:00PM

24 January 1:00PM

25 January 1:00PM

26 January 9:00PM

27 January 4:00PM

29 January 4:00PM

01 February 4:00PM

01 February 1:00PM

SM City Baguio:

27 January 12:00PM

29 January 6:00PM

31 January 6:00PM

UP Cine Adarna

18 February 4:00PM

22 February 1:00PM

SM Seaside Cebu:

27 January 9:00PM

30 January 9:00PM

SM City Davao:

29 January 12:00PM

Cinematheque Negros:

28 January 4:00PM

Cinematheque Nabunturan:

29 January 4:00PM