Rating: PG

Admission Fee: P100 per screening

College student Tamaki unexpectedly becomes enthralled by competitive gliding and displays surprising talent. Can she lead her university to victory in the upcoming competition? And will her relationship with the upperclassman she admires move forward? 

This coming-of-age animation portrays college students enthralled by the world of gliding and ascension. Audiences relates to the heroine as she matures while struggling with relationships. Notable for visuals saturated with beauty and openness that enable viewers to share with the protagonists the thrills and pleasures of flying.

Screening Schedule:


Shangri-La Plaza:

22 January 9:00PM

24 January 6:45PM

27 January 6:45PM

30 January 6:45PM

31 January 6:45PM


SM City Baguio:

28 January 6:00PM

31 January 12:00PM

SM Seaside Cebu:

29 January 12:00PM

31 January 9:00PM

SM City Davao:

27 January 6:30PM

30 January 9:00PM