Rating: PG

Admission Fee: P100 per screening

Miitan was raised by her stepmother Rika, and Yuko lives with her gourmand stepfather. The relationships in their families are completely different but conceal a huge secret …

This drama intertwines the process of Yuko and Miitan’s maturation with mysterious Rika’s story to deliver a deeply moving denouement. The story is based on a bestseller that won the grand prize selected by Japan’s booksellers. Nagano Mei (Yuko) and Ishihara Satomi (Rika) are among Japan’s most popular actresses.

Screening Schedule:


Shangri-La Plaza:

21 January 1:00PM

28 January 1:00PM

29 January 9:00PM

30 January 9:00PM

31 January 1:00PM

02 February 9:00PM

03 February 1:00PM

SM City Baguio:

27 January 3:00PM

29 January 9:00PM

31 January 9:00PM

SM Seaside Cebu:

29 January 6:00PM

SM City Davao:

27 January 3:40PM

30 January 3:00PM

Cinematheque Manila:

29 January 4:00PM

Cinematheque Iloilo:

28 January 4:00PM

UP Cine Adarna

17 February 1:00PM

20 February 4:00PM